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Mountaineer Consulting Staff:

Jeff Pellegrin

Since founding Mountaineer Consulting in 1995, provided diverse experience, leadership, and strong relationships with business management, IT departments, and user community. Offering skill sets such as:

·        Experience in the full lifecycle of business information projects

o   Development of project proposals & prototypes

o   Business process re-engineering

o   Business process modeling and requirements gathering

o   Solution architecture, design, testing, training, implementation, and post go-live support

·        Business Architecture and Vision Management roles in developing graphical design, work & asset management processes and systems

·        Leadership experience in electric transmission & distribution with emphasis on the design & construction side of the business

·        Extensive GIS background in both Utility and Municipal arenas: needs assessment and feasibility studies through system design, development and implementation including data conversion, transformation, and validation

·        Past utility field work and experience as GIS computer analyst, computer graphics specialist, GIS technician facilitating workable solutions for users


Consulting Experience

Oncor, Dallas, TX  

Distribution Information System Replacement 3/2016 – Present

EAM Consultant

·        As-Is process validation, “pain point” discovery & documentation, workshop facilitation

·        Development of “Opportunities For Change”

·        To-Be process re-engineering, modelling & documentation, workshop facilitation

·        Requirements gathering & documentation

·        Software selection support


Tucson Electric Power, Tucson, AZ  

Maximo Phase III for T&D Implementation 7/2013 – 2/2016

Lead Consultant

·        As-Is process discovery, “pain point” discovery & documentation, workshop facilitation

·        To-Be process re-engineering, oversight of process documentation, workshop facilitation

·        Requirements gathering and documentation, workshop facilitation

·        Functional system design

·        Support of system build, including minor build assignments

·        Test leadership, including strategy, planning, design, and oversight of test coverage of requirements, functionality, and process

·        Implementation support, including strategy, planning, and process design & testing

·        Leadership of post go-live warranty period


Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ

Legacy Applications and System Replacement (LASeR) and Maximo Consolidation (MaxCon) Programs 4/2011 – 6/2013

LASeR / MaxCon Liaison

·        LASeR - an SAP ERP implementation and integration with work management systems

·        MaxCon – a consolidation of multiple instances of Maximo and integration with SAP & PowerPlant

·        Liaison role – Watch & listen for decisions in either program that impact the other. Emphasis on solution architecture, data & EIM teams, program management, and testing teams

·        Document, communicate, and escalate risks, issues, and key decisions. Facilitate risk mitigation and issue resolution


Transmission & Distribution Asset Management Project (AMP)

1/2004 – 4/2011

Vision Manager and Business Architect responsible for T&D Design & Construction

·        Industry best practice research

·        Vision building and communication

·        Change management communications

·        Risk management & communications

·        Documentation of as-is business processes (modeling)

·        Development of opportunities for change

·        Development of detailed project baseline and optional scope items

·        Business process re-engineering (streamlining, standardizing & consolidation)

·        Documentation of to-be business processes (modeling)

·        Process & requirements workshop leadership & facilitation

·        Architect role in functional software design workshops

o   Configuration of IBM Maximo to meet business requirements

·        Architect role in implementation strategy development

·        “Units of Work” Team Leader responsible for:

o   Re-engineering of Compatible Units, CU Library design & development, and consolidating estimating tools

o   Development of work management approach (work hierarchy)

o   Accounting integration architecture & requirements

o   Graphical design tool (see DDA below) integration architecture & requirements


Distribution Design Automation Project (DDA) 1/2004 – 10/2006

Project Leader

·        Industry best practice research

·        Market research of distribution design products

·        Project proposal development and communication

·        Vision building and communication

·        Change management communications

·        Risk management communications

·        Prototype design, oversight of development, demonstration

·        Development and communication of initiative for funding

·        Application design & development leadership

·        Distribution design process re-engineering, documentation, communication

·        Project communications to executive management


Nye County, Nevada 4/2003 - 1/2004

County GIS: Needs assessment, project scoping, high level planning and cost estimation


City of Chandler, AZ 3/1999 - 6/2008

City GIS: Business process design, system design, development, implementation, system integration (Permitting, Utility Billing), data translation, end user training, and technology transfer. Data migration / transformation to new survey grid, on-going maintenance & enhancements

Subsequent Applications: Jurisdiction Maintenance, Pavement Section Maintenance


Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ 8/1998 – 10/2003

GIS Migration Project from IBM GFIS to Smallworld: Redesign of landbase data model, functional specifications, oversight of data migration, data validation, data translation, and communications to project management


Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ 8/1997 - 8/1998

Integration of Land Information System and Water Transmission Accounting Program: Interface design, development & implementation


City of Mesa, AZ 11/1995 – 10/1996

City GIS: Data model design, Database configuration, Software design & development


BS, Magna Cum Laude, Interactive Computer Graphics, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Arizona State University  1992


Other Formal Training

·        Work & Asset Management - IBM Maximo

·        GIS (ESRI suite of products, Smallworld, Intergraph & Bentley products)

·        Numerous software packages and programming languages



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