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Mountaineer Consultings Staff:

QUALIFICATIONS:2-1 Honours Degree in Computing Science from University of Paisley
ACCREDITATION: Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform
Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
Smallworld World Class Partner: Applications Developer
Smallworld World Class Partner: Systems/ Database Manager
DATE OF BIRTH:16th April 1967

 Years of Commercial ExperienceLast Used
GENS Smallworld Magik20current
Windows (scripting/ installation)18current
Java, Swing, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, XML12current
Oracle (PL/SQL)11current
GENS PowerOn (V2/V3)42006
Visual Basic42006
Unix (Solaris) System Administration31996
AutoCAD/ AutoLisp31996
Utility: Electric18current
Utility: Telecommunications22001
Utility: Water1.51994

COMPANY:Mountaineer Consulting Inc.
ADDRESS:P.O. Box 24801, Tempe, AZ 85284-4801
POSITION:Senior Technical Manager
DATES:10th July 2000 - present

WORK (Continuation of tenure at Salt River Project (SRP)):

  • Design and development on SRP in-house Outage Management System (OMS). Primary responsibility for most of the Smallworld OMS components including operational model, model build process, prediction, folder management, switching functions and inter-process/ application communication (Smallworld<->Tibco and MQ, Smallworld<->.NET Remoting, Smallworld<->Oracle, Smallworld<->Web Service). Currently working on the OMS troubleshooter GPS interface replacement and the OMS interface to ABB’s capacitor control solution – RCCS. Use Magik, Java, PL/SQL and C# on a daily basis.
  • Design and implementation of key functionality in the Distribution Design Automation project including; a) a novel solution to fully automated Residential Subdivision placement. After seeing this demonstrated, GE attempted to buy the intellectual property rights to this solution. b) Fully automated Small Commercial job placement. Both these solutions were integrated with Minto Spatial Solutions compatible units and engineering validations (e.g. voltage drop/flicker calcs, cable pull calcs) to ensure the lowest cost solutions that met all SRP electrical design guidelines.
  • Design support, implementation guidelines and quality assurance tools for SRP’s 3.3 Migration project
  • Design and implementation of SRPs SIAS (Smallworld Internet Application Server) environment.Developed Java applets to provide functionality of ActiveX components that were originally developed for SmallworldWeb. Developed additional SIAS services.
  • Customization of GENS (General Electric Network Solutions) PowerOn product to support real-time switching at SRP. Customizations include dynamic shofly/jumper, pre-posted (not-yet energized) network support, extending SRP’s PowerOn model to include substation internals and much more. Mix of Visual Basic, Oracle and Smallworld development.
  • RAMS (Reliability and Asset Management Project). Developed two-way interface with MAXIMO. Smallworld/Sybase linkage development in C++. Extended Smallworld Web with additional ActiveX Controls that provided Smallworld Collection and Join Field Editors with multi-user write capability.
  • Technical guidance to SRP staff and troubleshooting as in previous tenure through Navigant/Geodata.

WORK (Product development for Mountaineer Consulting):

  • Designed and implemented COGO (coordinate geometry) tool in Java as a product for Mountaineer Consulting. Tool is typically used to assist Surveyors and Mappers in the formal specification of building subdivisions. User interface developed in Java Swing. HTML interface developed using Servlets and JSP. Database access through JDBC. Java ActiveX Bridge used to provide developer API to COGO to enable integration of tool in other environments (e.g. Visual Basic).

COMPANY:Navigant Consulting Inc. (formerly Geodata Solutions Inc.)
ADDRESS:10075 Westmoor Drive, Suite 200, Westminster, CO 80021, USA
POSITION:Senior Technical Manager
DATES:10th March 1998 - 7th July 2000


  • Placed at Salt River Project (SRP) electric/ water utility in Tempe, Arizona.
  • Assisted in design and development of Land, Electric Distribution and Communication applications.
  • Assisted in translation effort from GFIS to Smallworld for Land and Electric Distribution Data.
  • Performed Smallworld System Administration including development of admin tools. Performed FME, SmallworldWeb and ODBC server customization.
  • Interfaced to Sybase for Tree Trim Application.
  • Developed Work Order and Tax Code Annexation applications.
  • Provide technical guidance to other Smallworld developers at SRP.
  • Perform maintenance of and troubleshooting for SRP's Smallworld applications.
The Spatial IT division of Navigant Consulting Inc., under which I worked, was subsequently sold to Smallworldwide Inc.

COMPANY:Deutsche Telekom AG
ADDRESS:FTZ Referat N620, Kavaleriesand 3, D-64276 Darmstadt, Germany
POSITION:Smallworld GIS Contractor
DATES:28th May 1996 - 30th January 1998


  • Part of overall team of 15 developers implementing Deutsche Telekom's GIS solution.
  • Team leader for Software Delivery, Installation and Migration Module.
  • Assisted in development of distributed merge tool.
  • Sole developer of persistent cache, database compression tool, simplified case tool.
  • Developed distributed license monitoring tool that could check license usage across multiple locations and report status centrally.
  • Database design and upgrade.
  • Analysis and development of Smallworld GIS applications to assist installation, upgrade and maintenance of the GIS.
  • Working in a mixed Windows NT and HP-UX environment.

COMPANY:Scottish and Southern Energy plc (formerly Scottish Hydro-Electric)
ADDRESS:Dudhope Cresent, Dundee, Scotland
POSITION:Digital Mapping Systems Manager
DATES:11th November 1994 - 26th April 1996


  • Requirements gathering, database design and software development of digital mapping system, based on Smallworld GIS, for capture and analysis Hydro's electrical network.
  • Had one full time assistant plus coordinated work of temporary contract staff.
  • Sole developer of AutoCAD based data capture tool using AutoLisp and C and associated Smallworld importer. This was used by external contractors to capture electrical records for import into GIS.
  • Liaison with external contractors and support of Hydro GIS users.
  • Sole developer of other applications:
    • data capture units (DCUs) for allocating work, monitoring progress of data capture effort
    • high voltage network analysis tool (PSSU)
    • Roads and Streetworks Act (RASWA) plotting.
  • Customized database extractor.
  • Assisted in development of 1:500 and 1:10000 data models.
  • System administration of over 40 Sun, Windows NT and Windows 3.11 machines.
  • Performed hardware, software installation & network configuration.

COMPANY:West of Scotland Water (formerly Strathclyde Water)
ADDRESS:419 Balmore Rd, Glasgow, Scotland G22 6NU
POSITION:Information Systems Officer
DATES:1st February 1993 - 8th November 1994


  • Sole GIS developer at this location.
  • Developed AutoCAD based data capture tool using AutoLisp and C.
  • Developed associated Smallworld importer.
  • Developed data model dumper than generated an AutoLisp specification of Smallworld data model that could be used by AutoCAD Data Capture Tool.
  • Other applications developed:
    • red-lining tool
    • key-map plotting enhancements
    • simplified interface for Control Room
  • Responsible for day-to-day support of GIS users including Solaris and Windows 3.11 system administration.
  • Performed hardware, software installation and network configuration.

ADDRESS:Science Park, Cambridge, Cambs., England CB4 4FY
POSITION:Senior Applications Consultant
DATES:3rd June 1991 - 29th January 1993


  • Technical project leader of team of four.
  • Involved in contracts with Royal Air Force and Eastern Health Board (Dublin). Both projects involved requirements analysis, project planning, software development and delegation.
  • RAF contract:
    • interfacing Laser-Scan GIS to proprietary RDBMS containing chart data.
    • Implemented SQL parser in YACC, LEX and C.
  • EHB contract:
    • developed graphical interface to Command and Control system using X, Motif and TCP/IP.

ADDRESS:Lyon Way, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey, England GU16 5EX
POSITION:Software Engineer
DATES:23rd October 1989 - 31st May 1991


  • Member of team developing a raster based mapping system. Tasks involved design and implementation of map image and vector overlay processing, simple pattern recognition, terrain analysis and user interface.
  • Work carried out using C, X and Motif.

COMPANY:European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
POSITION:Programmer (summer student)
DATES:14th June 1988 - 19th September 1988


  • Designed firewall to limit unauthorized access to CERN computers.
  • Used VAX-VMS server, dial-back modems and list of authorized users for implementation.

COMPANY:Plymouth Marine Laboratory
ADDRESS:Prospect Place, West Hoe, Plymouth, England PL1 3DH
POSITION:Programmer (university industrial placement year)
DATES:12th July 1986 - 28th June 1987


  • Evaluated expert systems shells for use in marine biology decision support systems.
  • Developed Bayesian Inferencing expert system for water quality estimation.

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