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  • ESRI
  • Intergraph
  • Maximo
  • PowerPlan
  • Smallworld
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  • Mountaineer Consulting Platforms Supported:

    Software platforms supported and experience include:

    • Application Development using AutoLISP, ASE, and ARX
    • Developed data capture tools and export interface to Smallworld handling complex data model with attributes, join relationships, topology, catalogs.

    • Integration of Utility Designer with EAM (Maximo CUE)
    • Data Translation using MDL
      • Landbase
      • Electric Facilities
    • Element Manipulation using MDL
    • Dataset Extraction and Refreshment System using MDL, MVS, JCL, FTP, UNIX shell

    • Integration of Landbase and City Permitting System
    • Integration of Landbase and City Utility Billing System
    • Landbase using Visual Basic, MapObjects, SDE, Oracle
      • Long Transaction Management
      • Automatic Feature Relationships
      • Coordinate Geometry
      • Automated Parcel Numbering
      • Data Validation
      • Data Translation (Written with FME)
    • COM DLL extension to Visual Basic / MapObjects to support Feature Linked SDE Annotation
    • Migration of Land Information System from ArcStorm to SDE using SDE C API
    • Integration of Land Information System and Water Transmission And Accounting System using SDE C API, AML, C, UNIX Shell, FTP
    • Landbase using AML, ArcStorm, Oracle
      • Custom Database Administration Tools
      • Long Transaction Management
      • Data Translation (Written in C)
    • Land Information System using ArcView / Avenue, ArcStorm, Oracle
    • Parcel Data Conversion Application using ArcView / Avenue
    • Jurisdiction Maintenance using Visual Basic, MapObjects, SDE, Oracle
    • Pavement Section Maintenance using Visual Basic, MapObjects, SDE, Oracle
    ESRI and the ESRI Logo are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. NOW

    • Integration of Hexagon Geospatial with EAM (Maximo)
    • Landbase using FRAMME
    • Irrigation Water Distribution Facilities using FRAMME
    • Data Integrity Validation using FORTRAN, MDL, FRAMME
    • System Migration from FRAMME Classic to UNIX FRAMME
      • Irrigation Water Distribution Facilities
      • Landbase

    • Implementation of Maximo for Utilities in Electric Transmission & Distribution
      • Compatible Unit (CU) Library re-engineering, design & development
    • Integration with ERP (SAP, Oracle)
    • Integration with plant accounting (PowerPlant, Oracle)
    • Integraion with GIS and graphical design tools (Smallworld, Bentley, Hexagon G-Tech)
    • Integration with scheduling tools
    • System consolidation projects in Electric Generation and T&D, Water T&D, and Facilties

    • Integration with ERP (SAP)
    • Integration with EAM (IBM Maximo)


    • Design
    • Functional Specifications
    • Data Migration specifications, planning, execution
    • Application development
      • Data Cleanup Tools
      • Address/ Street Intersection gazetteer - Visual Basic Smallworld Automation client
      • Maintenance code; COGO, cul-de-sac and elbow generation
      • Work Order
    • Implementation liaison
    • Design
    • Application development
      • Red-lining
      • ACAD Based Data Capture Tool with full Smallworld model
      • ACAD to Smallworld Water model importer
      • Keymap plotter
      • Control room interface
    • Data Migration
    Electric Distribution Facilities:
    • Application development
      • Work Order
      • Tax Annexation with Excel OLE interface
      • Performance Statistics and Change History
      • ACAD Based Data Capture Tool with full Smallworld model
      • ACAD to Smallworld Electric model importer
      • Data Capture Units (DCUs) for work allocation, progress monitoring
      • PSSU - High Voltage Network Analysis
      • RASWA (Roads And Streetworks Act of United Kingdom) Plotting
      • Design automation - automatic placement of residential subdivision facilities
      • Design automation - automatic placement of small commercial jobs
    Electric Transmission Facilities:
    • Application development
      • Work Order
      • Tax Annexation
    Electric Circuits Facilities:
    • Application development
      • PowerOn customization
      • Outage Management System (In-house PowerOn replacement). Design and development of trouble call management and switching
      • Maximo integration
      • Capacitor Control (ABB RCCS) integration
      • Customer Information System integration
      • Troubleshooter GPS integration
    Telecommunications Facilities:
    • Design
    • Application development
      • Implementation of facilities: cables, ducts & conduits etc.
    Arbor (Tree Trimming) Facilities:
    • Application development
      • MAXIMO (Sybase) Work Order Interface
      • Customer data interface
      • Tree trim maintenance behavior
    Supporting Smallworld Technologies:
    • FME translator Development
      • FME batch interface
    • Automation Server (DCOM) Development
    • Various integrations between Smallworld and other systems via MQ, Tibco, Web Services, .NET Remoting, TCP/IP
    • Smallworld Internet Application Server (SIAS) Development
    • Spatial Intelligence (SI) Deployment
    • Smallworld ODBC Server Development
    • System Administration
      • Persistent Cache Tool
      • Datastore Compression Tool
      • Distributed Merge Tool
      • Distributed License Usage Monitoring Tool
      • Simplified CASE tool
      • Batch Build Scripts
      • Database Extraction
      • Batch Hot Backup and Recovery
    Training and Technology Transfer:

    Data Translation:

    • From Smallworld to Microstation
      • Landbase
      • Electric Distribution Facilities
      • Electric Circuits Facilities
    • From Smallworld to ESRI Shape Files
      • Landbase
    • From Smallworld to CSV data files
      • Electric Facilities data
    • From ESRI Shape Files to Smallworld
      • Boundary Features
    • Smallworld Batch Interface
    • "Changed Data Only" Smallworld Export

    • Integration with EAM (IBM Maximo)
    • Integration with Plant Accounting (PowerPlant)

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