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  • Mountaineer Consulting at SRP (Phoenix, Arizona):

    SRP Home

    Distribution Operations Support and Development  

    • Outage Management System (OMS)
    • Intelligent Outage Processing
    • Transformer Based Outage Communication (TBOC) 
    • Smallworld system upgrade to Smallworld 5.1.x  
    • EMS-OMS Integration  
    • Advanced (Electrical) Grid Analysis  
    • Distribution Management System (DMS)  

    Legacy Applications and Systems Replacement (LASeR) and Maximo Consolidation (MaxCon) Programs  

    • LASeR - an SAP ERP implementation and integration with work management systems including Maximo
    • MaxCon – a consolidation of multiple instances of Maximo and integration with SAP & PowerPlant
    • Liaison role – Watch & listen for decisions in either program that impact the other.  Emphasis on solution architecture, data & EIM teams, program management, and testing teams
    • Document, communicate, and escalate risks, issues, and key decisions.  Facilitate risk mitigation and issue resolution

    Transmission & Distribution Asset Management Project (AMP) 

    • Industry best practice research
    • Vision building and communication
    • Change management communications
    • Risk management & communications
    • Documentation of as-is business processes (modeling)
    • Development of opportunities for change
    • Development of detailed project baseline and optional scope items
    • Business process re-engineering (streamlining, standardizing & consolidation)
    • Documentation of to-be business processes (modeling)
    • Process & requirements workshop leadership & facilitation
    • Architect role in functional software design workshops
    • Configuration of IBM Maximo to meet business requirements
    • Architect role in implementation strategy development
    • “Units of Work” Team Leader responsible for:
      • Re-engineering of Compatible Units, CU Library design & development, and consolidating estimating tools
      • Development of work management approach (work hierarchy)
      • Cost & Plant Accounting integration architecture & requirements including PowerPlant
      • Graphical design tool (see DDA below) integration architecture & requirements

    Distribution Design Automation Project (DDA):

    • Industry best practice research
    • Market research of distribution design products
    • Project proposal development and communication
    • Vision building and communication
    • Change management communications
    • Risk management communications
    • Prototype design, oversight of development, demonstration
    • Development and communication of initiative for funding
    • Application design & development leadership and execution
    • Distribution design process re-engineering, documentation, communication
    • Project communications to executive management


    GIS Migration Project:

    • Designed a parcel-based Smallworld GIS landbase data model that models all cadastral features of SRP's interest.
    • Wrote functional specifications for the landbase maintenance functionality.
    • Developed specifications for migrating SRP's legacy GFIS landbase into the new model and onto Smallworld.
    • Oversaw landbase system implementation acting as a liaison between SRP GIS migration team, data maintainers, data customers, and the migration vendor. Scope included quality control of the data migration translator and the maintenance application.
    • Performed application development for landbase and distribution facilities maintenance systems.
    • Planned and performed the landbase data migration task working closely with the migration vendor.
    • Used Safe Software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) to write several data translators to extract Smallworld data into IDGS design files and ESRI' Shape file formats for use in other SRP CAD, GIS, and AM/FM systems. Extraction is also done into comma separated value (CSV) files for use in non-spatial applications.
    • Used MDL to post-process IGDS files to overcome obstacles in FME processes.
    • Performed technology transfer to data maintainers and data customers.
    • Provided status and decision support to migration project management.


    GIS Maintenance, Support, and Ongoing Application Development:

    • Landbase
    • Electric Distribution Facilities
    • Electric Transmission Facilities
    • Arbor (Tree Trimming) Facilities
    • System Administration
    • Training and Technology Transfer


    LIS / WTAP Integration Project:

    • Instrumental in designing integration interface between SRP's Land Information System and Water Transmission and Accounting Program.
    • Assisted in the Migration of the SRPLIS from ArcStorm to SDE.
    • Developed fully automatic GIS data extraction and delivery system:
      • Assisted in developing change detection in GFIS Database (IFF files delivered).
      • Translated IFF to ESRI Generate format using C code.
      • Used AML to get from Generate to Shape files.
      • Used SDE C API to refresh SDE database with newly translated files.
      • Used SDE C API to extract entire SDE Database layers and FTP to deliver them to SRP's Water Group.
      • The Water Group then used point-in-polygon methods to link water account information with parcel information.


    Land Information System:

    • Designed and built a Land Information System (LIS) using Arcview, an ArcStorm Database, and a data translator written in C and AML.
      • The translation process transforms a very simplistic geography data model on GFIS into a parcel polygon based data model.
      • Using Avenue, created views and tools for the end users to operate the system. Trained very unsophisticated users to operate and query the system to obtain the information they needed.
    • Designed and built a data conversion application in Arcview / Avenue to populate the LIS with Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN); and designed and managed the conversion process which completed 40% early.



    • Designed and built a dataset extraction and refreshment system using MDL, JCL, FTP, and UNIX shell scripts.
      • This system uses an MDL interface to build requests. It uses UNIX shell and FTP to do a remote start of MVS which runs JCL to extract data from GeoManager.
      • The data is then sent via FTP to a CLIX server where, using MDL, it is translated from IFF to Microstation and clipped to size and replaces the outdated file.
      • Tracking files are maintained and any errors are reported Using OfficeVision notes.
    • Ported power engineering calculation programs from mainframe FORTRAN 66 to UNIX FORTRAN 77 and reworked them for efficiency.
    • Assisted in the development of data maintenance systems using FRAMME to support landbase and water subsystems and GFIS to support an electrical subsystem. Contributed to several system migration projects including significant data integrity validation effort.
    • Wrote a UNIX plotting application using shell scripts and FTP.

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