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  • Mountaineer Consulting at Nye County, Nevada:

    Nye County Home

    County GIS Needs Assessment:

    Mountaineer Consulting and Tri-Core Engineering in partnership performed and delivered a Needs Assessment for an Enterprise GIS serving the entire County of Nye, Nevada. We conducted 17 separate interviews of personnel in various county departments and held numerous follow-up conversations. We inventoried desired / required information and usage / applications that are feasibly provided by GIS technology. From that inventory and an assessment of existing data and resources, recommendations were made on the following:

    • Data
      • Maintenance
      • Accuracy
      • Existing Data
      • Required GIS Layers
      • Recommended GIS Layers
      • Data Relationships
      • Parcel Re-Numbering
      • Conversion Methodology
      • Integration
    • Staff
    • Training
    • GIS Computing Infrastructure
      • Software
      • Hardware
      • Network
    • Strategy for Moving Forward
    Since many Nye County officials and managers were new to GIS technology, we provided a basic understanding of the following:
    • The Objectives of the Needs Assessment
    • GIS Terminologies
    • The Methodology of the Needs Assessment
    • The purpose of GIS
    • Enterprise GIS vs. Project Oriented or Silo GIS Databases
    In addition to the Needs Assessment, deliverables included the following:
    • Budgetary Cost Estimate
    • Proposed Project Schedule for Enterprise GIS Design, Conversion, and Implementation
    • Estimated Cash Flow Schedule

    In Partnership with
    Tri-Core Engineering
    Tri-Core Engineering

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