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  • Mountaineer Consulting at City of Mesa, Arizona:

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    Application and Database Design:

    • Designed and built an ArcStorm database structure. Wrote custom database administration tools to tear down and rebuild the database in an automated fashion. The tools create graphic ArcStorm database layers and Oracle DBMS database tables; prepare and load data into both databases; establish all indexes and public synonyms; grant proper permissions to roles and roles to users; register DBMS tables with ArcStorm.
    • Wrote custom long transaction management tools with GUI's. These tools perform data checkouts, copyouts, checkins, and releases. Provided several different ways to request the data using different types of interfaces. These methods range from requesting a standard section or 1/4 section with pre-determined layer specifications from a simplified interface to a fully ad-hoc method with a complicated GUI that allows the specification of any layer combination in any geographical area and an area of interest of any geometrical shape. Provided long transaction management functionality to supplement that provided by the ArcStorm product. Our method aggregates database transactions into units of work that Mesa calls Land Maintenance transactions. Several ArcStorm/Oracle transactions are managed together as a single Land Maintenance transaction thereby simplifying the users' transaction management tasks.
    Data Translation:
    • Wrote a data translator to help Mesa migrate their GFIS data to Arc/Info. My code translates IFF into GENERATE format. One translator operates on landbase, sewer, and water data. It is written in C and has no GUI.
    Technology Transfer:
    • Performed technology transfer to ensure that the application code delivered could be understood and maintained by Mesa in our absence.

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